Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Hughes: Robinho going nowhere

From BBC:

"He is in my plans long term. People who say otherwise are just being mischievous," said the Welshman.

"He is an outstanding player who wants to be part of what we are doing, but he is also a professional football player and he doesn't enjoy getting beaten."

This is interesting because it contradicts what Daniel Taylor, who gets much more right than wrong, has twice written about Robinho in recent weeks. On February 27 he first broke the story that Hughes was considering selling Robinho:

Manchester City are giving serious consideration to selling Robinho at the end of the season and have hatched a remarkable plan to offer him as bait in a player-plus-cash exchange for the Chelsea captain John Terry. Robinho joined City only seven months ago but the club have begun to think of him as a problem player and intend to use the Brazilian to try to pull off one of the most remarkable pieces of transfer business in the modern game.

And then this on March 16:

City have reluctantly taken the decision to listen to offers for Robinho at the end of the season, although Hughes is still open-minded and hopes the player will show a greater desire. Failing that, one plan is to offer him as bait to Chelsea in a possible player-plus-money exchange for John Terry despite the England captain's insistence that he wants to stay at Stamford Bridge for the remainder of his career.

See the discord? I can see why Hughes would defend Robinho in public (as he always does) - we have at least eleven very important games this season (fourteen should all go to plan in Europe), for which we certainly need our most talented player. But why then is someone close to the club briefing the press that they're thinking of getting rid of Robinho? I guess we'll find out over the next few months.


Gary Nolan said...

You say ''But why then is someone close to the club briefing the press that they're thinking of getting rid of Robinho?''

We don't know anyone from the club is saying that, I have a few people within City that tell me things from time to time and it is my understanding that these kind of rumours do not come from people at the club. I also got told that certain clubs purposely make sure that things reach the press, but City is not one of them.

I hope Robinho does stay at the club and am glad Hughes has moved to reassure us.

Daniel B said...

I genuinely couldn't care less if he stayed or not. The fact of the matter is, he goes missing for large periods both at home and consistently away. He was atrocious at the weekend and his attitude stinks. When you think of the value for money we have gotten out of the likes of Zabaleta and Kompany in comparison with Robinho, I can see no reason, if he keeps up such insipid form until the end of the season, for us not to have done with it and sell him. I would LOVE him to prove me wrong. Lets hope he does, but at the moment I cant see it happening.

nb said...

To Gary Nolan: a bloke selling programmes is not the same as a reliable source inside the club. Did he also tell you he just saw Messi/Ronaldo/Kaka leaving City's training ground/Manchester Airport/a Manchester hotel?

trinder said...

If he wants to go, sell him. Imagine how bad a disaffected Robinho would be. He's useless enough away from home and he generally seems to care at the moment. He'll be nothing but trouble if he wants out.

But as with most City fans, I hope he stays and plays.

Philip said...

I just hope that the City hierarchy don't fall for the media furore that Robinho is a lazy, feckless, useless luxury player who is the source of all our woes and should be shipped out ASAP. (Preferably to a 'big 4' team where he 'belongs', but they won't voice that part.)

Most of it is completely uninformed, viz. Martin Keown's unsubstantiated rubbish about his 'body language' on MOTD2 last Sunday. Utter claptrap.

Robinho is a world class forward, who is small and crap at tackling. Of course, when he's out of form in front of goal (and that's all that's wrong) he looks poor. What forward doesn't? To expect every attacker to charge around like Stevie G or Shrek is unrealistic.

Luckily for us Hughes takes a more sanguine approach so, if we do sell, it will be for the right reasons. I still think he'll be in sky blue next season. Let's hope so.

Gary Nolan said...
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Gary Nolan said...

nb you total clown, my sources are much much more in the loop than a programme seller, don't be jealous because some of us know more than others.

trinder said...

Spot on Philip. If he can get back to playing as he did in the autumn, and if he doesn't get a boner from being winked at by another club, he'll remain the club's top man.