Monday, 30 March 2009

Squad love continues

With the international break now half way through, City players and staff continue to spend their time saying nice things about each other: first it was Hughes about McGivern, then Hughes about Kompany, then de Jong about Hughes, and Hughes about Zabaleta. But this time it's Pablo Zabaleta talking about Shaun Wright-Phillips:
"I enjoy playing with Shaun so much because he makes life easier for the full-back," said Zabaleta, who was named Blues player of the month for January.

"He is very quick, works all the time and helps me on the pitch which is important. The winger must help the full back or there will be problems.

"He is a top player and has helped me settle in well. I like to get forward too, and when I do, I know he will be covering for me. Hopefully we have developed a bit of an understanding even if we have both played in different positions at times.
And then on his versatility:

"I am used being moved around the team in Spain and Argentina. I can play wherever I need to - midfield is no problem and it adds to the experience of my first season here. Right-back is my natural position but I have no problem in midfield even if it means a different workload. I enjoy it.

"It is the first season for me in England and that is always the hardest at any club abroad. I hope to be even better next year when the number of games, the intensity of the games and their frequency, the training, and the opposition - and language - will not be new to me.

"I want to be at City for a long time, and if international recognition comes with that, then perfect."


peterbryan.callum said...

Maradonna is a fat prick who seems to be a real city hater first all that bollocks about signing Aguero, no dont go sign for City, twat, and now the Zableta snub. Lets hope he gets a swift kickin, horrible fatty

Rob said...

Hi Pele.

ChrisR said...

'fatty'. love it