Thursday, 26 March 2009

'I truly dedicate myself to my club'

So says the £32million man:

"Sometimes I am questioned, asking why I play better for the national squad than at Manchester City. I am the same at both places, but Manchester City is one team and the Brazil national squad is another.

"In all respect to Manchester City, who have good players by the way, here I play with Kaka and Ronaldinho - it is totally different.

"Here I can play well, but I believe I am playing well at City. I have scored 11 goals in the Premier League."

I just wish he'd try a bit more.


Anonymous said...

I would not be saying "i wish he would try abit more.

Right now we are playing Counter Attack football meaning we are commiting more players defencively then you do in attack so when robinho finally gets the ball our midfield are still in our half of the field meaning he has SWP on the other side of the field and if and only if we have a striker ahead of him then hes not on his own with a huge job to do as he has atleast 2 opposition defenders on him and 1 opposition defender tailing him.

Ontop of that hes been given the rough treatment like SWP by the opposition being double teamed and its his first season in the Premier League, get off his back will you all.

Ronaldo needed 2 full seasons to hit the ground running, you did not see 11 goals from him in his first 12 games.

Go Go Robinho.

Im fully behind you m8.

For fellow City fans that don't see the light, make your picture frame bigger.

Hold off for a moment, ive waited 33 years, another 1 wont hurt.

Next season with some new class players and a stronger partner for Ireland and we will be flying.

Jonathan said...

I wish he wasn't the focus of every lazy journalist short of a story.

But, I suppose, whoever is signed when a non-top 4 club breaks the British transfer record is going to be subject to a media frenzy.

nb said...

However much you may wish it, uncertainty over Robinho's future is not the subject of 'lazy journalism'. Nor is his current form entirely attributable to opposition defences (frankly, for £32m I would hope a player could still impose himself on a game). Both responses ignore the simple truth: Robinho's behaviour (regular trips to Brazil etc) and performances suggest he wants to leave City.

Robinho joined Man City for two reasons:
a) Money
b) His place at Real Madrid had become untenable.

It is delusory to believe there was anything more in the move than that. He was not seduced by Garry Cook's management speak, he was not motivated by a desire to work for Mark Hughes, and he was certainly not seduced by the Manchester weather. Frankly, we would do well to get rid of him, and I can't think of a better replacement than Ribery.

Jonathan said...

Perhaps "lazy journalism" was a little sensationalist - unfounded speculation masquerading as the truth? What would you classify uncertainty over Robinho's future as, at this point in time, based on what you know to be fact?

From a club that aims to do its dealing's behind closed doors, I find it strange how well briefed journalists advertise themselves as. As far as I remember, Blackburn was quite a tight ship and MH seems to be the kind of person who does his dealing behind closed doors (although I speculate here, of course...).

But all the same, journos must be having a field day. A "talented-but-troubled" football player coming to a "mega-bucks" non-champions league club "smashing" the British transfer record fee after leaving a high profile club "under-a-cloud". Its Christmas for them isn't it?

pjdemers said...

I find it fascinating that whenever there is an article about Robinho his 32 million price tag is always mentioned. Curiously enough, on the other side of Manchester there is an underperforming 30 million megastar named Berbatov whose price tag is rarely if ever mentioned. Funny old world isn't it?