Saturday, 28 March 2009

McGivern moved up pecking order?


Full-back Ryan, who has signed a new three-year deal at the City of Manchester Stadium, was a target for Hartlepool but is needed by Mark Hughes for the Premier League run-in in case Wayne Bridge is ruled out by injury...

Hughes said: "Ryan is progressing really well and I'm delighted we've signed him. The initial idea was that he would go on loan before the end of the season or we'd possibly get him out there next year.

"But it's better now to keep him closer to the first-team squad until the end of the season and see how he does. There may be more of an opportunity for him than he thinks, because he's a promising player who's doing really well. Next year we'll be looking to get him a decent loan period with a good club, but for now we'll keep him close."

Does this mean that he is close to taking Javier Garrido's place as understudy to Wayne Bridge? He has just signed a new three year contract, so he can't be too far from Hughes' plans. And Javi Garrido is rumoured to out in the summer; Bridge was injured against Sunderland and Zabaleta played there instead. May we even see McGivern in the first team before the season is out?


tommytheblue said...

never been greatly impressed with him. 1st him when city beat united at the cliff 5-0 ...he was pretty good then. Senn him have a couple of stinkers aswell...but dont watch enough footy at that level to have a decent view. All i can say is garrido is a good footballer.

JPB said...

I agree that Garrido is a good footballer. But he doesn't quite have the physicality to play in the Premier League - and that is even taking into account his big improvement this season. I fear we will see the end of him in blue this summer.

Anonymous said...

I've watched him in training a couple of times and he's outstanding and not just because of his "blonde" hair... Get him in and let's see what he can do... It can't be worse than Garrido who's lack of pace is frightening!