Saturday, 21 March 2009

Ireland on Thursday's game

From the M.E.N.:
"It was a crazy night and I just thought `how have we got ourselves in this situation?'

"I remember thinking to myself at 70 minutes `this is so easy, it's so comfortable'. We were just flowing through the game so easily and then it all became a bit of a blur. It was like we weren't in control and it was going to happen no matter what.

"When it went to penalties, I thought `this is one of these games you hear about when you're younger, one of these cup classics'. Luckily we got through and thank goodness Shay was brilliant.

"We have a way of making things hard for ourselves. When we play against the best teams we always play well. But when we play against the lesser teams we make it hard for ourselves, which is stupid. We should do a professional job and then leave. Halfway through the second half it just felt so cushy. Their first shot didn't come until the 60th or 70th minute."

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