Sunday, 8 March 2009

If he wasn't sufficiently legendary before

Valeri Bozhinov's attempts to become the fans' favourite player before scoring his first competitive goal continue today, with these comments in the Sunday Mirror.

"We [Bozhinov and Berbatov] meet maybe once a week with Martin Petrov and go out for dinner. Dimitar is at the level I want to get to and I would like to think I will play against him when we go to Old Trafford later in the season.

"They are a great team, but I always remind him that we went there last year and won."


"I believe in the next three or four years Manchester City will become one of the very best teams in the game.

"A lot has changed since I camehere - and I want to be a part of it. Success will come very quickly because we can attract big names.

Your move, Stephen Ireland.

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