Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Balague : Hughes will stay

From his blog:
In fact, I would say that at this moment in time, it is odds on that Mark Hughes will still be in charge of Manchester City next season. Of course, in football terms, next season is still a very long way off; and yes, it is true that the owners have been looking at other ooptions, but after being told by Arsene Wenger that he is not interested, and with a great deal of uncertainty surrounding Jose Mourinho, the Manchester City owners are coming around to the idea that Mark Hughes is the right man to help them deliver their ambitious project.
I think the key to understanding Balague's various claims is to discriminate between those topics on which he is well informed (Liverpool, Espanyol, various Spanish players) and those where he is not. He was, for example, ahead of the game on our pursuit of Pablo Zabaleta. But some times he misses the target: City's big name central midfielder in January? Newcastle getting in a Spanish manager? Crouch to Spurs? Adebayor to Barcelona?

The question, then, is 'does Balague have ears in the right places with our board?' And I've honestly got no answer. Let me know if you do.


Gary Nolan said...

Things he says might not always happen but you normally find that he won't say something unless there is some truth in it, He is normally reliable.

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way, Mr Balague has his contacts, some quite knowledgeable also with contacts so 50% of what he tells us is creditable.

Onto the other 50%, 25% is Mr Balague using common sense to sniff out a lie and fabrication, this I am pretty good at myself, weighing up pro's and con's, knowing a radiculous lie and fabrication when i see it.

the other 25% is uncertainty so lets take a seat on the bench and just wait and see approach.

With his contacts and knowledge of all things football and with his common sense approach you will find Mr Balague is mostly 75% on the ball.

25% everyone gets it wrong.

tommytheblue said...

Balague knows plenty of spanish players and there where most of his rumours can be trusted.

But i doubt his contacts have eyes inside the club, hughes has gone to great lengths to cut out intruders.
Nor do i think he has reliable contacts in the emirates. there ar elenty of rumours around the club from staff ...many are not true.