Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Balague on Zabaleta II

A few hours passed and Guillem Balague comes out with a new post about Pablo Zabaleta. After all the meetings he mentioned this morning, the outcome is that a deal to sell Zabaleta to City is '90% done', and he should be here 'within the next 24 to 48 hours'.

Balague finishes his piece with:
"It has also emerged that, if Zabaleta does complete the move to Manchester City, then fellow defender Vedran Corluka will be given clearance to finalise his on/off transfer to Tottenham Hotspur before the transfer window closes early next week."
Now, I know that I wrote the other day about trusting Hughes if he thinks we should buy Craig Bellamy. He works with these people day in day out, I don't. And it's not just a case of knowledge - his judgement is expert and professional. Nobody pays me millions of pounds for my understanding of football. But. I really really want Corluka to stay! He's one of my favourite players. I went through hell when I thought he was going to Spurs: since then I've been desperately hoping for September 2nd when I can safely shell out £40 for a home shirt with 'CORLUKA 5' on the back.

I'm sure that Hughes knows what he's doing. He knows much more about Vedran Corluka and Pablo Zabaleta than I ever will. I don't even know whether this rumour is true. But, if we have to lose Charlie, I can't pretend I won't be ambivalent about it.


The Man In Blue said...

seconded. i love charlie, he's such an accomplished footballer i forgive his occasional mistakes. for crying out loud he could play for any team in the world, but he's a city player and i will be devastated if i see him in a spurs shirt.

ill see you in the arndale citystore on the 2nd and we can compare our corluka shirts. i hope.

Michael said...

Sorry guys. He's shipping goals like a rat catches water. It's a fact. Nice that you defer your judgement. 'Cos, no offence, it's seriously rose-tinted.

TheHappyHomeShop said...

Im a Corluka fan with a big BUT. He is prone to look a little too laid back and that at times puts us in trouble.

My hope is that MH can help him get rid of that and become more focused!!!