Saturday, 30 August 2008

Transfer window: 70 hours to go

  • The Zabaleta deal looks as good as done. He's is Manchester agreeing personal terms, according to Sky Sports News. It was all over the net Friday morning and is in quite a few of Saturday's papers (see links below).
  • The presumption is still that Corluka will go to Spurs: it's in The Times' 'Window Watch' for the second day running and in The Independent. This is the logical outcome of the Zabaleta deal, but I'd still like to see some actual evidence, rather than just speculation.
  • In his press conference introducing Wright-Phillips, Hughes seemed to intimate that there would be more signings (and I hope this meant beyond the Zabaleta deal). A centre forward would be nice, but I have almost no idea who it would be.
  • Someone we will not be signing is Thiago Neves. It seems like he's going to Hamburg, and he's quoted in the Brazilian press as saying as much. I've linked to a Google translation of the article, I won't quote from it but the meaning is clear if you click on it. I guess some real news outlets will get their team of translators on it soon. But it looks like we've missed out.


Romanho said...

Before it was that he will go to City, then for sure to Hamburg, now I hear they would like too keep him. I hope for City, but I don´t think we will get him, but we have done quite nice so far. More then I could hope for. But still I hope some

TheHappyHomeShop said...

Would still like to see a quality left back come in. No rumours about one but then we didnt hear about Kompany till the deal was done.Could be an interesting 48 hours but hope MH can keep the focus on sundays game! SWP to score for sure!