Monday, 25 August 2008

Today's Thiago Neves latest

Two of the major Spanish newspapers, Diario AS and El Mundo Deportivo, both cite 'Brazilian reports' as saying that Thiago Neves will sign for City. The headline in Mundo Deportivo is 'In Brazil they say Neves has said 'Ok' to City'.

I'd love to get a decent translation of either or both of them (if you know Spanish do please get in touch), but I'm getting better at deciphering Babel Fish translations so I do have a rough idea of what's been written.

The Brazil squad flew into Paris, and whilst most of the players then flew on to Brazil, those playing in Europe (including, presumably, our boy Jô) did not. Thiago Neves' staying in Europe has been taken as a sign that he will not be returning to play for Fluminese.

The one other club interested is Atletico Madrid. But both articles suggest that their move has hit a 'complication'. Even though City's bid is reportedly less than Atletico's, the decisive factor seems to be the player's willingness to play for City, because of both the glamour of the Premier League and the chance to play alongside Jô and Elano (although Atletico do have two Brazilians of their own, Thiago Motta and Paulo Assuncao).


thehappyhomeshop said...

This boy certainly looks the business. If he's half as good as last weeks signing Kompany , then i'll be happy.

He just oozed class yesterday!! And the right age too!!

Show the wife

David said...

The AS paper basically said that "he's already agreed to terms for 12 million euros... and that he's looking forward to playing in the premier league and joining up with fellow compatriots Elano and Jo. It also says that Hamburg were interested as well as his rights being bought out by some investment consortium, but those broke down... he's been tipped as one of the best young brazillians to have broken through thanks largely to his quality play."

Papers in Brazil tip him as a rising star as well! I was at COMS watching Kompany yesterday and he was top drawer; didn't put a foot wrong! We are going to be higher than 9th this season for certain!!!!

David said...

wait, perhaps a catch, the Mundo deportivo story says that the 12 million offer is inferior to the other teams... but Thiago said that he prefers to play in the prem. instead... so it sounds like he's going to agree to sign for city, despite the offer being the lowest! I wonder if Jo had anything to do with this as they were both at the olympics... nevertheless, things are looking great, despite Thakin's troubles. Top 4 start looking over your shoulder!!! by the way, someone owes me a pint for these translations...