Monday, 23 March 2009

Hughes on Hart

The manager suggests Joe Hart will still be a Manchester City player next season, albeit possibly at a different club:

"It is important Joe knows our feelings with regard to his ability," the former Blackburn boss said.

"Joe is going to be England's outstanding goalkeeper for the next 10 or 15 years....

"Initially Joe found it very difficult. But he has got his head down now and knows he has to work.

"We can then look at him going out on loan next year, because we want them to develop, and maybe just training day after day is not what they need.

"It is something we will definitely investigate, while always keeping in mind we want them as players for Manchester City."


tom goulding said...

What Hughes hasn't anticipated when saying that Hart will be England's outstanding keeper in the next 10 years are 2 things: Ben Foster and a sensational return to form from Paul Robinson.

Philip said...

Sensible stuff from Hughes. He's right to massage Joe's ego a bit, as the lad must be feeling some frustration. It would be understandable if his confidence had taken a dip.

Sending him out on loan to a premiership promotee next season would be very sensible. Some people worry that he'll 'do a Carson'; I don't, because - unlike Carson - he's not shit. Provided we don't send him to a basket-case club, it's win-win from our perspective.

Revolutionary Biscuit said...

Why is is former Blackburn manager Mark Hughes?
Is there an alloted time period before a manager's allegiance is changed to that of his 'new' club, that I didn't know about? I'd like to think that 3/4 of the way into a season should be sufficient for people to call him 'the Man City manager'.