Saturday, 7 March 2009


This eight day break we're currently in is the longest we've had since that fortnight after the Nottingham Forest cup game. It's a useful rest before the intense four games in ten days we've got coming up: AaB (h), Chelsea (a), AaB (a), Sunderland (h) on successive Thursdays and Sundays. And then it's another thirteen days off for the international break before potentially five games in fifteen days (should we get past AaB).

It's in coping with these bursts of fixtures that the mental and physical strength of the squad will be revealed. There are a few players looking tired already, and understandably so: Ireland and Richards have both started 36 games already, Kompany 34, Dunne 33 and Zabaleta and SWP 30 each. The squad is a bit stronger after the January signings, and having Bozhinov and de Jong available only for the Premier League could prove useful as they both ease into full fitness. Fernandes may have to play a few games, and returns for Petrov and Johnson would prove a real boost.

But for the moment we've got another five days until Aalborg at home. So if you've got nothing better to do, read this piece in the M.E.N. about Vincent Kompany.

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