Monday, 30 March 2009

Hughes questions Zab's absence


Hughes said: "I'm surprised, given the season that he has had. He's been outstanding ever since he's come here from Spain. He's also shown his versatility for us, something that I feel is a real asset in a player.

"He's able to adapt to a variety of positions. So sometimes you can change formation without having to make substitutions if you have a player of Zaby's flexibility on the pitch.

"That's a good trait to have, and Pablo is a great help in that respect. His performances levels in midfield this season have been excellent, while his performance at full back goes without saying."

I wrote about Zabaleta's absence from this squad when it was announced here. It is a surprise that he should not make the squad, for exactly the reasons Hughes mentioned. I suppose one thing counting against Zabaleta is that Maradona has got Argentina playing 3-4-3, and with Mascherano and Gago in central midfield there is little place for Zabaleta to play. But not to make the squad? This is a surprise. I'm sure it won't be long before he does.


Gary Nolan said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw Gago in the team and Zabaleta not even in the squad.

Maradona must still be on something to not include him, Mascherano is the captain and Zabo totally out classed him at anfield.

M9NY said...

Just because He was great at kicking a ball, does'nt make Maradona any less of a fucking Douche Bag. I really would't be suprised if there were some hidden Agenda here. Seriously this Guy is a clueless, vindictive, little ARSEHOLE. It will only be a matter of time before he fucks up what many see as the best Argentine team since the glory days.

JPB said...

Yeah I agree with both of you. If Argentina played 4-3-3 (if it works on PES....), Zabaleta would have a good claim to play right back and to be an able understudy to Mascherano and/or Cambiasso sitting in front of the back four.