Sunday, 22 March 2009

City 1 - 0 Sunderland, and a request to readers

I couldn't find a decent stream of the game today so don't really have much to say, other than that our solid and comfortable home wins in the last few months have been the best part of this season: even better than our occassional displays of miracle football last Autumn. Sunderland is now on a list that includes Aston Villa, Aalborg, FC København, Middlesboro, Newcastle and Wigan. And with Fulham, West Brom, Blackburn and Bolton left to come to the CoMS we could conceivably finish the season with eleven or twelve consecutive home wins (depending on the UEFA Cup).

But I can't really comment on the match itself, so you, readers, need to step up. If you were lucky enough to be at the game today, could you post your thoughts/report in the comments and leave some player ratings. I'll then publish the best reports and do an aggregate of player ratings.


menino azul said...

i'm usually on the second tier in the east stand, a vantage point where movement and play is better judged, but from pitch level in the same stand i could see a few leggy players bar de jong and bellamy when he came on. not sure why robinho took the penalty-personally would have felt better if elano had stepped up. i think we secured the result with the thought of a repeat capitulation ringing in our ears from thursday night. all in all some stout defending and some good fluid passing- i think i calculated a 20 pass move at one stage. elano sprayed some good passes out wide, mostly to robi but one or two to shauny too. dunnie was solid again with micah gaining form after his recent dip-capped with a well deserved goal for is running. the much praised zab is definitely giving him a good spur. although i could'nt fault kompany's endeavour he looked unfit. de jong gets stronger but has a tendency to jump into tackles- suppose that's how he earned his 'terrier' nickname. given was key to the goal with his vision in taking a quick free quick and ned grows from strength to strength w/ each game. furthermore, onuoha runs ireland a close second for most improved player this season (big up!). shauny should have had at least two or three but left his shooting boots in the locker. the boj made some good running and judged elano's movement & passing better than others. not convinced by garrido after his torrid performance last thursday though i previously thought he was another improved performer. all-in-all, a sound result that continues our 'fortress eastlands' mindset. it'll be interesting to see if the return of petrov and the enigma that is michael johnson will give us a little more depth and stability.

pjdemers said...

Wow, what a vote of no confidence for Garrido. I've been very hard on him after his dismal performance at Aalborg but I actually think he is a good player.

I've posted that defensively he needs more work (I think he should be played as a left-sided midfielder) and I was hoping that he'd be given time to improve (or loaned out for a few months).I can't help but think he'll be part of the massive clean out JPB has posted. The exterminator is long overdue for most of the players listed but I was hoping that Garrido and Caicedo would be given more time given their potential.

As it stands right now i would guess that the only Sven signings who are safe are Bojinov and Petrov. It would be a shame to see Robinho and Elano leave.

menino azul said...

i don't mean to be too hard on garrido as i feel there's a good player lurking there. maybe it's a confidence thing...if it's a toss up between him and ball i think i'd definitely opt for garrido. of the sven signings i'd definetly keep the boj and petrov-if he still has the pace and elano over robinho, although i think if they go, they'll go together! (breaking up the so-called clique).

pjdemers said...

Definitely in agreement with you on Garrido. However it looks like Sparky is not comfortable with Javi's defensive qualities as he played the right footed Zab out of position on the left. Can only assume this won't help any confidence issues the boy might have.

I actually think Elano has improved under Hughes as he plays for the team, not just for himself. his work rate has gone up ten fold. If anything he tries to do too much sometimes.

Yet another professional display by Onouha. Dunne looks to be back to his old self but I do wish he cut down on his tendency to hit long balls out of defense as he is actually capable of carrying the ball out of the back.

tommytheblue said...

a good 1st half. Elano was creating all that was good, linkign well with the strong bojinov. SWP and Robinho both let us down finishing wise, It wasnt lack of effort from either player, just tired legs or low confidence. De jong had a shakey 1st half but improved greatly in the second. Another city performance where we could of put 6 past them but didnt and nearly paid for it at the end. But we stuck in there. Nedum and dunne were strong adn Richards was in full form, great at the back and going forward. Glad Elano finished the game he deserved it.

If Hughes wants quality in depth then letting Robinho and Elano leave is a massive mistake. Caicod, garrido and Jo are all talanted young players, that need time to develop to the league, it took ireland untill he was 22 to find any quality form! A clearout is fine, but not when the player we have posses poetnial or already have ability. A good manager should make best of what he has, which is a good squad!