Thursday, 19 March 2009

More Hughes news

This time from The Guardian:
In reality the message emerging loud and clear from inside Eastlands is that the Welshman will still be in situ next ­season and Hughes certainly did not sound remotely insecure. Indeed, ­considering that City are the sole English Uefa Cup survivors and harbour ­realistic hopes of finishing seventh in ­the ­Premier League, the constant ­speculation about their manager's position seems slightly embarrassing, faintly absurd even.

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Patrick said...

I think the message from a lot of City fans now is that Hughes deserves time and that comes from a lot of the older stanunch MU haters as well.

When you think about it he has made some good inroads into improving the team with some of the players that he has brought in.

I initally said he needs at least until the Janu transfer window next next season but really the more I think about it he needs a lot longer.

Hughes has already stated he will need 3 or 4 transfer windows and based on the team we had when he came in he certainly does need that length of time.

It will be particularly important to bring in new talent especially inthe midfield area and to strengthen the depth of the team throughout.

Once the players get that Hughes is here to stay we will see them improve as they are forced to adapt to his style and lets face it he has dislayed nothing but a succcessful attitude all the way through his career and has not nad will nto be broken by as he calls them the "mischief makers".

City fans get behind the manager and lets start singing out there. We seem to be a little withdrawn at times and I think it is time for us all to up the anti.

Lets also exercise patience as well becuase City's success will not come over night.