Thursday, 18 February 2010

Vieira facing 3 game ban

After his stamp on Glenn Whelan:

Staffordshire referee Alan Wiley, who took charge of the Stoke fixture on Tuesday, has reviewed video evidence of Vieira's reckless challenge on Whelan and informed that FA that he would have dismissed the City midfielder had he seen the incident.

Obviously from a 'football justice' standpoint this is good news. But from a partisan MCFC standpoint it's not the worst news we've had all season either. How we plan to deal with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, next week, I've no idea.


Rebel said...

He got the ball first , whats the issue.

Lee F said...

Our chances in the next 3 games have just improved

Anonymous said...

Rebel is right but that point is unfortunetly not good enough to over-rule the incident.

Not to mention the fact Whelan actually tried to foul Patrick Vieira not once but twice in the achilles where Vieira's latest injury exists.

Vieira only retaliated and this is what I am sick of, clubs playing us Roy Keane style but as soon as they get a bit of their own medicine they start crying foul.

Its pathetic.

Anonymous said...

atleast it free's up a space for the mighty DeJong.

dannyjohnson1 said...

Jack - I was hearing from a West Ham fan that if Portsmouth go into liquidation raher than adminstration, as is looking more likely...

...all Portsmouth's future games would be cancelled and previous matches in the league this season wiped from the record.

This would be bad for west ham having already taken 4 points from them but worse for city who have beaten them twice, compared to Liverpool who lost at Fratton Park and Villa and Tottenham who have them still to play.

Tombola said...

I thought Rebel's comment was a joke based on the fact that he'd got Whelan in the groin. Oh well, made me laugh anyway.

I'd heard the same thing about us potentially losing 6 points if Portsmouth go under.