Monday, 1 February 2010

Robi wants Santos stay

Well this isn't exactly a surprise.

But Robinho has said that he is keen to stay at Santos for a while:
"My goal is to stay for a long-time," the 26-year-old said. "If the president wants to extend my contract to four years that would be great."
Once he had been shipped off on loan - back to the Brazilian league - the idea of returning to the scene of his failure doesn't sound like the sort of thing Robinho would be too keen on. If we're honest, his heart was barely in it at the start. And after six months at his home town club I don't think he would be keen on proving himself at Eastlands for the 2010/11 season.

I might be wrong. But would we have signed Adam Johnson if we thought we were getting another left winger back on August 4th?


Thomas said...

full of hot air that lad, saw him saying buy to all the player, see you soon and all that...

cheerio robbie

Patrick said...

He is very skillful player but he is obviously not interested in the premiere league and he has something wrong with his head.

I wouldn't be suprised if after 6 months at Santos he starts flagging again for someone to come and rescue him.

He is lazy and bottles tackles because he is afraid to get hurt.

The only way he'd be happy is if some small country makes him a god and worships him night and day whilst giving him a really good living for doing nothing.

Without the worship this boys fails to pump himself up and its either "I'm the best player in the world" whilst being worshipped or "I want to leave I'm not happy" when he isn't being worshipped anymore.

What a waste of 32+ Million I have to say but I suppose he served his purpose and we should try and get as much money back for the bone idol lay about as we can.

I can't remember another City player to have infuriated me as much as this guy.


Thomas said...

just realised i wrote buy, not bye

guleed said...

Robi's situation was best described by the legendary Franz Beckenbauer when he said that "Robinho can play in circus, not a team player”

I totally agree with him, he is so hard to fit into the team. Much like Elano, for all his ability, unless you build the team around him then you really are hindered.

And to build the team around one player you really need the consistency to be there. It wasn't there with Elano or Robi as much as it pains me to say because I know that if either of these 2 lads were mentally as strong as their samba skills on the pitch we would've had 2 world beaters at City.

Alas it hasn't worked out and I highly doubt Robinho will play for City again. Shame really. But I'll never forget when he signed for us, it was a big step on what will hopefully be a long path to a new dawn for City.

trinder said...

Robinho can come back here when his loan expires and work his lazy arse off until he's worth something near £25m. He's taken almost £12m in wages. The least he can do is show some professionalism and honour and return to this club something of what he owes.