Monday, 1 February 2010

The future of Martin Petrov

People say about Adam Johnson that he is a good old fashioned outside left. It's good that we've signed a promising young player in this position.

But the thing is that we already have the Premier League's best old fashioned outside left. Martin Petrov has been used on the right recently but I'm quite sure that wide left is his best position.

He only has six months left on his contract, and so could leave in a Bosman in the summer. I am very anxious that his contract is extended - just imagine seeing him in another side's colours next season, knowing that they've got him for free. Ouch.

I appreciate that Petrov is 31 and has a history of knee problems. But he's still a top player on his day and I'm keen that he isn't frozen out.


Justin said...

I have always rated Petrov, as I consider him to be an excellent player that is often underrated.

It would be a good move to offer him a contract, he has experience he can pass onto your new signing, who seems to be very eager to join City.

markbennett99 said...
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Patrick said...

I Love rigsby and I think he deserves at least another 18 months to 2 years on the books.

He is a talent and is someone who the majority of the time we can rely on. I think the answer to the conundrum is that City are aware that Robby isn't coming back and probably aware that Bellers has gone off the boil a little as well as Rigsby perhaps getting older and yes a little bit injury prone.

So a new recruit in that position is essential as we could easily end up without any wingers through injury and don't forget Vlad is on loan too so the future is for Johnson and Vlad I would say as our best two players on the wings.

You decide but I would say we are short in those positions right at this moment.

John said...

I'm in two minds about Petrov. He's an undoubted talent: quick, a goalscorer, delivers great passes and crosses, plus can take set pieces. On the other hand he sometimes seems to play only for himself, gives in when games aren't going his way, doesn't track back, jumps out of challenges and shirks hard work.

Because of the above his future is in the balance and his age and dodgy knees might just tip the balance.

Benji said...

Would be gutted to see him doing the business for one of our rivals like Spurs. Good to see us signing up English talent, but Petrov still has plenty to offer.

Hemulen said...

I am a fan of Petrov, but I was a bit annoyed at his sarky laughing as he was taken off on Sunday. Perhaps if he'd pulled his finger out a bit more, it might have been justified, but to ironically laugh at being substituted after such a dreadful display was pretty stupid.