Monday, 8 February 2010

Mancini's rage

He wasn't impressed with our performance on Saturday:
"I'm not surprised by this. When you don't play well you lose. We didn't play well in the first half and Hull did.

"They were more aggressive and we moved the ball very slowly. We must change our mentality when we are away from home. We are Manchester City and we want to win, always.

"When you are losing you are always angry. But you must think about changing the situation on the pitch. Sometimes when we play against the teams from lower down the league we are softer. That's OK if you want to arrive in the middle [of the table], but I want to win, I want to finish at the top so we must change this.

"The players are angry and they know they didn't play well. We must change the situation. This is not normal for a team like Manchester City and we know we must play better."

And he's right. We were woeful on Saturday, and complacency did look to be a problem. Ironing out complacency is difficult. He could drop Gareth Barry, which would probably improve the team as well as convincing the players that their places were not guaranteed. But even then there's the problem that the whole side is looking a big sluggish. And that's a problem of form, not of complacency.

A big win on Tuesday is a must.


Johnny Crossan said...

I thought Barry improved dramatically in the second half.Suddenly started playing like he meant it. Very strange.

Patrick said...

I hope the players are reading this.

Forget the past - No matter what has gone on or is going on or which manager is in or which manager is out it is your job to play for the team and to play for yourself.

You are all big players - We want 11 big players on the pitch for every match. You should believe in your ability and be positive at all times even when you are losing you should fight even harder and stronger that you did before - it might not seem possible but just do it.

Think like a winner - You must learn to think like your going to win every game and to start playing from the first minute as if you are going to win every game at all costs with full force and to the very best of your ability with the absence of lazy bones Robinho the ball is in your corner now.

Love and Intelligence - Roll into that some intelligence and a bit of love for your fellow players (friends) as well as wanting to do well for the fans. Give your life for it out there!

It's a good life for you - Think how much of a good life being able to play football has given you and how you are proud to wear the shirt of Manchester City and things will start to happen.

Get on with it - I agree there seems to be a quietness about us. I think Bellamy was the one driving us forward and there is nobody doing that as effectively as he was. You should all be doing this. Fighting by example and making each other work harder and harder.

Don't be disjointed - We have a fantastic team but seem to be out of sorts and a little bit disjointed you need to pull together and strive for success.

Win back your form - A few good performances under our belt and the these views should be expressed again and again especially when the confidence is up.

Will to win - Show a will to win every single time. Go at full throttle and don't save yourself for the next match as you might not be playing that match as someone could come in for you.

United are the benchmark - It pains me to say that no matter who you play you should want to win just like United do.

Open your eyes - It's up to you the players to see the bigger picture and get on with making this team one of the best in the world.

I hope they are blooming well reading and listening because to be frank to loose to teams like Hull isn't acceptable anymore.

BlueRain said...

I was disgusted by City’s performance in the first half – utterly lackluster and lily-livered. What has happened since the United game? I really hope that Mancini has the courage to drop those players who’d prefer to hide than get stuck in. If this continues for much longer, then I think Mancini and Cook had better start working on their CVs. The level of performance against Hull was utterly deplorable and totally unacceptable.

Blue Phoenix - Moving on up! said...

I just had to change my profile. The last one didn't mean anything.

Blue Phoenix says it all.... We are rising from the ashes and moving on up.

Any City players care to join me?