Friday, 5 February 2010

Another move for Gago?

Roberto Mancini raised the possibility of going back for Fernando Gago in the summer:
"Gago is a good player for Real Madrid, a fantastic player and we may move for him again in the summer," Mancini said yesterday. "There is a possibility to take him then."
The most flagrant abuse of the word 'fantastic' since this.


Johnny Crossan said...

How's your Italian Lonely?

Philip said...

Calling Bridge 'fantastic' was perhaps slightly over the top, but he is still an excellent player, despite what the all-knowing wise men of the media would have you believe. Obviously he was disadvantaged by playing in the most chaotically disorganised City side since...well...Ball? Clark? And of course, disadvantaged also by having Robinho in front of him.

Mystifying, to me, that City fans have fallen for slagging off the best left back we've had for years.

As for Gago, he might well be fantastic - that's a call I'm happy to let Mancio make. Hughes thought that a pairing of Toure and Lescott was also fantastic, so I think we're better off without him making the decisions, eh?