Sunday, 7 February 2010

Hull player ratings

Given Could not be blamed for either goal, really. The joke's been made before but how he must despair at playing behind defences as dysfunctional as ours was yesterday. 6

Zabaleta Had a physical battle with Stephen Hunt (who could have predicted that?) in which he probably lost out. But no defensive disasters. When Micah Richards is fit it's the midfield or the bench though I imagine. 5

Boyata Without his mentor Kompany next to him he looked lost. Outmuscled three or four times by Altidore in the first half alone, and made some bad decisions when on the ball. Important to remember it was only his fifth start for City though. 4

It's a shame that our club captain offers so little leadership. He did not look like a player of his experience, and was rattled by Hull's direct approach. Nice flick for Adebayor's goal, but it's not obvious to me that he's in our best team with everyone fit. 4

Bridge It was nice to see him back in the side, and not just out of sentimentality. He defended well enough and he got into our best attacking position of the first half. 6

de Jong Disappointingly quiet, although he was bearing more pressure than he ought to have been thanks to Barry and Ireland's going truant from the midfield. Looked compatible with Vieira, which was a relief. 6

Barry Another poor performance: looks more in need of a rest every week. He failed to cope with the pace of the game, failed to impose or influence. Again. 4

Ireland Started on right midfield but drifted inside, forming a midfield three. Could not ever find enough space, though, and when on the ball could not produce the quality that he did in this fixture last year. 5

Bellamy Played very wide on the left, and while he saw a fair bit of the ball his delivery was poor at key moments. 5

Adebayor He took his goal well but it was another slightly distracted performance. Two in two is impressive, but there's still a long way to come in terms of energy and movement. He needs time though. 5

His quietest game for a while, missed a half-chance in stoppage time but could never really make things happen. We don't have the luxury of resting him. 5

Subs: Johnson Shook things up when he came on, running at defenders from both the left and the right hand sides. A nice bright spark. 7

Vieira Some authority and class in midfield, which helped us to raise our game a bit later on. Should start on Tuesday. 6

Petrov Too late to mark n/a


Thomas said...

johnson and vieira should start sunday, think bellamy needs a break with his dodgey knees.

jackblue said...

Time to take young Boyata out of the firing line. He has done very well but Hull was too physical for him. And if he is up against Kevin Davies on Tuesday we will struggle big time. I would love to see Kompany and Lescott as the preferred pairing. Both have everything required for these imoportant positions.

Eastlands = Heaven said...

Lescott was starting to really improve before he got injured and in particular he looked very solid against Arsenal in the cup. Against a physical Bolton side he should definitely come into the side. If we win our games in hand we are stil in a very good postion so all is not lost! CTID

Rios Dos Santos said...

Ratings were spot on i think.

I was a bit annoyed by the way Bridge gave away possession a LOT in the 1st half but.. hey, he needs time to get back and he defended okay.