Sunday, 14 February 2010

Chelsea v Stoke


I'm really not that confident about our replay at the Britannia.

At least we've got a dress rehearsal on Tuesday.


Scragg said...

Mate, have a bit more belief, you were the same about the CC first leg. Back the lads for god's sake.

Steven McInerney said...

Gotta agree with Scragg. Incredibly negative! What's the point turning up with that attitude!

Remind me to never go to war with you. Ha.

bluedoom said...

Over the 2 legs in CC he got it right.

I'll back City all the way and always have, but one thing I've never had is blind faith.

The team selections and tactics are getting worse every week, and we seem to playing with so little energy at the moment that we are hardly a force to be reckoned with.

The realist would agree that we would have to completely change the way we are playing if we are to have any chance of beating Stoke away twice in a week!

Chelsea away is another story..

StanMCFC said...

Sounds like you think the Sparkyisation process (that you so lauded) has had no lasting benefits for the club. If the players go to Stoke with your mindset, there's something badly wrong with an FA Cup quarterfinal vs Chelsea to be fought for.

Ian said...

Bloody hell
What a negative attitude

Ian said...

God i hate negativity

StanMCFC said...


Can understand the pessimism vs United over two legs - but I just can't see the point of Sparkyisation, getting rid of players with allegedly deficient mindset (tho dunne and elano were poor sales for me), if we are not mentally strong enough to prevail at Stoke for a key cup-tie.

Or are you hinting that Mancini's team selection/tactics are so bad that any benefits of Sparkyisation are cancelled out??

jackblue said...

First time I went to a cup final was in 1956 and this season looks to me like history repeating itself!

matt said...

Well Said JackBlue.... the rest of you should try to be a bit more optimistic.


Eastlands = Heaven said...

We should have bellamy, kompany and tevez back by the next leg so I am pretty confident. C'mon City!!

trinder said...

Kompany must replace Toure. That £40m Hughes sent to the Emirates for him and Adebayor looks more imprudent by the week.

StanMCFC said...

Still staggered that £200+ million of investment later, plus "Sparkyisation", you don't think we have at least 50/50 chance of going through.

Quite damning of both Hughes and Mancini (not to mention the mentality of the players bought in).