Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Bolton reax

Henry Winter, Daily Telegraph

Unlike Robinho, Johnson exudes a hunger for the cause. Intelligence too. His clever movement and passing shone throughout until he departed to a standing ovation and man-of-the-match honours. Johnson started as the forward point of Mancini’s diamond but the system was too narrow, too reliant for width on full-backs who lack the requisite pedigree. Only when Mancini switched Johnson to the right midway through the first half did City look a threat.

James Ducker, The Times

Carlos Tévez, with his nineteenth goal of the season, and Emmanuel Adebayor twisted the knife, but this was a victory orchestrated by the fleet-footed Adam Johnson, excelling on his first start for City.

Signed last week from Middlesbrough for a projected £8 million, the winger was inspired, his pace and pinpoint delivery terrifying Bolton.

Ian Herbert, The Independent

Wilshere offered promise, though it was left to the least celebrated of the new boys to make the night his own. Mancini's predecessor Mark Hughes was not overly enthusiastic when Adam Johnson's name was put to him in November as a possible transfer target. But it is a sign of the versatility Mancini already sees in Johnson that he first deployed him at the tip of a midfield diamond but took barely 15 minutes to discern that he was not being allowed much space and relocate him to the right flank.

Ian Ladyman, Daily Mail

Mancini has had trouble with his wingers ever since he came to City in December. The idle Brazilian Robinho has been jettisoned, while last night Martin Petrov and Shaun Wright-Phillips began the game as substitutes.

Louise Taylor, The Guardian

As erratic as ever, Roberto ­Mancini's still-evolving team made unnecessarily heavy weather of ­overcoming an improving Bolton Wanderers while ­simultaneously treating everyone to moments of individual brilliance.


Blue Phoenix - Moving on up! said...

I was quite taken back by Johnson pace and movement last night and he was obviously the stand out man of the match no questions asked.

Lets not forget the defence performed brilliantly and we rarely looked like we would concede a goal despite Bolton being unable to hot the side of a mountain with shotgun.

The team fought well for the ball and the only down side I think was that our midfield although they did their job well was lacking in an attacking presence to link up with the forwards.

Having said that with he midfield the ball from Viera to Ade was a cracker and the goal from Ade was brilliant. Lets not overlook how good that goal was.

All in all taking everything into consideration and despite Bolton having the Majority or the possession we worked hard and did our jobs well.

Now we need to start beliving in ourselves and playing as a team again.

StanMCFC said...

Like many others, I'm not a fan of playing viera, barry and De Jong together in midfield. But people getting on Mancini's back already are pathetic.

He's still getting to know his squad, has had numerous injuries to cope with and the Johnson signing was an inspired one.

Let's hope the penny drops re playing with more width (think we look so much better with two wingers), but perhaps (as one of the journalists suggests) the intention was for the full-backs to bomb on more.

Rios Dos Santos said...

Yeah I think it was an okay performance too.
Can't really complain too much with a clean sheet and two goals.

Johnson was obviously sharp but I knew he'd be from watching him against Hull. He has pace, has skills, good passing, good crosses, good attitude so far. Much better than that lazy Brazilian anyway.

I thought Toure was generally dodgy. A bit slow and not very alert. Having him at the back worries me and he's our Captain!

Barry's been under scrutiny but I thought he looked a little bit better. Especially when we were attacking in the 1st half it was good to see him get involved in some attacking passes. A whole new dimension to his game which we haven't seen for some time now!

Rios Dos Santos said...

Oh and I think Mancio can play whoever he bloody well pleases in midfield as long as we get 3 points and a clean sheet.

Yes De Jong Barry Vieira is defensive.
But we didn't let in a goal last night did we?
So there.

That was the plan and it worked.
Not the sexiest football but at least we can keep a clean sheet now!

Stricken City said...

Johnson was excellent - how good will the team be with Bellemy and Johnson on either side of Tevez. Should start to win some more of those away games with that attack.

I hope Viera is as useful in the dressing room as everyone is making out though,he's certainly not worth much on the pitch unless he gets some pace back.