Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Stoke player ratings

Given He hasn't been at his best level for a while but today was a real step down. His error - letting Glenn Whelan's shot through his hands - was his worst since he's come to City. It could well have cost us the game. He could also be blamed for losing out on Rory Delap's long throw in stoppage time when Ryan Shawcross headed in. 4

Richards Back into the side after injury, and he had another good game. Defensively competent, and demonstrated the pace and audacity that makes him a much more exciting right back than Zabaleta. 6

Yet again he seemed to hide in a big game, providing half-hearted leadership at the box, failing to organise the back four sufficiently well. He's our third best centre-back, and not near our third best captain. 5

Lescott A good performance, he did himself proud under Stoke's aerial bombardment. Should form a good partnership with Vincent Kompany when the Belgian is fit. 6

Garrido It's not very clear to me why he started ahead of Wayne Bridge. Clearly this is not his sort of game, and he was given a rough time by the pace and strength of Stoke but there was nothing too disastrous. 5

Johnson Started wide on the right, but free to drift forward and across as desired. His pace and quick feet were effective, and while he never quite had the impact as he did against Bolton it was still a bright performance before he came off. 6

de Jong As he predicted the ball often went over his head but he cleaned up possession well when it was on the ground. His passing was good but again he didn't look 100% fit. 5

Vieira Again, far off the pace. I don't just mean his speed running across the ground. But when he gets the ball he cannot move it quickly enough before he is caught in possession. Improved, naturally, when Stoke went down to ten. Should have been sent off for an early stamp on Whelan. Nowhere near good enough. 4

Barry Passed the ball around nicely some of the time, but still not as much influence as we hoped for when we bought him. Took his goal well from a prone position, but did miss a good chance at the end of the first half. 5

Adebayor Aside from winning the red card his contribution was limited. We got ten minutes of effort and running, but in terms of all-round contribution it still wasn't there. 5

RSC I hope that he can become a good player for us, and I do like his style, but he's never anywher near full fitness. He was barely in the game today, never quick or alert enough. A real shame. 4


SWP Sparked things up when he came on, running at defenders and getting into good positions. 6

Petrov Poor delivery from decent positions. n/a

Zabaleta Too late to mark. n/a


Nika said...

Vierra is not ready for the Premiership and we should not be trying to get him fit at the expense of performances like last night. He has to be dropped and give a solid pre-season ready for the 10/11 season. I also think the time has come to name a new captain. Toure is simply not up to the job. How about Barry? Come on Mancini, pull your finger out and ACT!!!

trinder said...

The captain should be Vincent Kompany and he should be playing alongside Lescott, with Onouha as first replacement. Toure can be fourth choice, Boyata fifth till next season.

Rios Dos Santos said...

Kompany x Lescott is potentially awesome.
Toure is a liability. Certainly not captain material.

Something is really wrong with the midfield...

We've got great wingers but our attack is not complete without Tevez.