Monday, 1 February 2010

Mariga escapes MCFC

This is the one that got away. On Monday morning it appeared that while the Adam Johnson deal was in the balance, McDonald Mariga would certainly be joining from Parma.

All that remained today was his work permit hearing. But in what must be a real surprise to club officials, Mariga was denied. Kenya were too far down the FIFA rankings, and so the move was off.

We clearly wanted Mariga, and so this is a disappointment. I must admit that I didn't really see the need for another defensive midfielder. So I was pretty ambivalent at first. But then I saw that after our bid failed, Inter signed him. And José Mourinho has a pretty good eye for defensive midfielders. We could well see more of Mariga again.

On the plus side, we still have Valeri Bozhinov on the books.


Thomas said...

he's not a defensive midfielder.. i dont know this is so difficult, in essence box to box is the most apt model to use, he can attack and defend, ...

He;s only joined inter on co-ownership, so his deal will be up at some point and he could still end up with parma.

regardless, city cocked up, leaving it too late, who ever advised them on work permits clearly doesnt know a great deal.

trinder said...

Not able to contribute to the Premier League or football in the UK but good enough for Parma and Inter. Who are these work permit numbskulls?

CelticsBlues said...

I am surprised that people (including City fans, the team, the media, African players) aren't being more vocal about this. It is totally backwards, in every sense, that players lower down on the FIFA rankings would be blocked from playing in the Prem. The UK should at least support it's ex-colonies and exclude them from this ridiculous rule.

We have missed a potential talent and can no longer bring the first Kenyan player to the Prem.