Monday, 1 February 2010

One hour left

Mariga's fallen through.

Johnson's looking likely but we're short on time.

No news on Motta or Gago.

Who exactly are we going to play at right-back on Saturday?


Thomas said...

less than 30 mins to tie up kaka, messi and villa.

Thomas said...

and maicon for right back of course!

Patrick said...

I wouldn't be too surprised if Mancini had something up his sleeve.

I know what you're thinking but no! It's not a new blue and white designer silk handkerchief which are now only £8 from the City Store. No they haven't thought of that money spinner yet!

Perhaps Moonchester could fill in at right back in a mr blobby sort of fashion bundling anyone of the oppositions players over like a big dumb clown.

I am hoping someone is going to be playing right back and to be honest even more important right back as we seem to get walloped down that side a little bit.

Come on City show us that you're January transfer deadline day mental will ya!

Omerta - Barafranca said...

Nedum at right back.

Thomas said...

all quiet on lonsome front!

bbc tweets say gago, jonno not done yet!