Monday, 8 February 2010

Monday's Hull reax

Jeremy Cross, The Independent

City's soft underbelly away from Eastlands was brutally exposed once again, this time by a Hull City team put together at a cost of less than £10m, which is not much more than the likes of Robinho earn in a season's wages in Manchester, when he is there of course.

Robinho wouldn't have relished this contest, that is for sure, but what is worrying Mancini more is the fact that some of the missing Brazilian's colleagues appear to have been infected by his lethargy when it comes to securing wins on the road.

Tom Dart, The Times

Tactical and individual deficiencies were evident in this defeat, but Mancini blamed complacency. “I don’t want to be mid-table, I want to win, I want to be in the top four. For this, we must change the mentality,” he said. City have been defeated twice in six league games under Mancini — as many losses as his predecessor, Mark Hughes, endured in 17 fixtures. All four have come on their travels.

Jeremy Alexander, The Guardian

City were unprepared for the onslaught. Roberto Mancini admitted it: "When you play against a squad at a different level you think you can play softer. It's not possible in football, if you want to be a winner." He was so disconcerted that he ended ­chasing the game with three defensive midfielders, adding Patrick Vieira for Craig ­Bellamy and a podgy, puffing debut. Adam ­Johnson's was in skipping contrast.

Jonathan Liew, Daily Telegraph

They have now won just one of their past 10 league games away from home, and worryingly for their Champions League aspirations, they appear to be shirking the fight just as Liverpool are rediscovering their taste for it.

Arindam Rej, Daily Mail

But the rest of Mancini's players produced the worst showing of his tenure. As they trudged in at the interval, trailing 1-0, the Italian expressed his views in a brief and sharp manner before leaving them in the dressing room as he returned to the dugout.

This is the first time that his patience has been tested since he took over as City boss. His team improved after the break but were still out-fought.

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