Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Petrov contract talks

According to today's Guardian:

City have offered Martin Petrov a new contract and are encouraged by the way the negotiations have gone with the Bulgaria international. The deadline-day signing of Adam Johnson and Craig Bellamy's impressive form have increased the competition on the left side of attack but Robinho has made it clear he does not want to return to Manchester after his six-month loan spell with Santos and the manager, Roberto Mancini, is keen to keep the 31-year-old Petrov, who is out of contract at the end of the season and eligible to speak to potential buyers.

This is quite a big deal for me.


clevblue said...

It is a big deal, Petrov is a very gifted technical player, but he doesn't have many strings to his bow - so he's important in certain situations, but not for every game. It depends if he's happy with that or not dunnit?

Rios Dos Santos said...

He's been a very good player for us to get us where we are now but I feel it's time for change, time for an upgrade. He's getting on a bit and his pace might drop soon.. Having said that I would be gutted to see Redknapp steal him for free though!!

Slow of Heart said...

Keep him. He has a habit of making things happen, especially when he comes off the bench. We can get at least two more good years out of him. Don't let Redknapp or O'Neill snap him up.

longwayfromhome said...

His goals and assists record speaks for itself ... will be great news if he resigns. Johnson is a good 18 months being as good and will learn quicker with him around.

Patrick said...

I said the other day I hope he is offered at least another 18 months. He certainly isn't past his best yet and he deserves another contract for his patience and his professionalism when he is on the pitch.

We all like Rigsby..