Sunday, 14 February 2010

Tévez to miss Tuesday night

As I've said before, our attacking play in recent months has become very dependant on Carlos Tévez, and his ability to make things out of nowhere. When the rest of the team aren't performing, Tévez will often make things happen.

Which is fine. Lots of teams rely on one attacking player to make things happen. Take Wayne Rooney out of this year's Manchster United side and they would be a good side but not one with that much chance of winning the Premier League or the Champions League. It's not inherently a bad thing.

But we have now reached that point: Tévez has returned to Argentina, due to a family issue. We looked blunt without him yesterday, and this is only worsened by the absence of Craig Bellamy. On Tuesday night Adam Johnson will return (playing behind an Adebayor/Santa Cruz pairing?), but Bellamy will not. I'd love a point on Tuesday but I'm not too hopeful. It's Liverpool on Sunday, and the Cup game at Stoke, which matter most. And we really need Tévez, Bellamy and Johnson (for Liverpool) for those three.

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Thomas said...

with ade and santa on with johnson and swp either side, there should be goals in that.