Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Scunthorpe preview

It may not feel like it but today could be a genuine hinge point in our season. If we win, as we should, then we are through the Carling Cup quarter-finals and just three games from Wembley. If we lose, as we might, then the 'crisis club' label that Liverpool managed to shake off on Sunday may just get pinned on us.

Of course, we ought to win this evening. Just as we ought to have beaten Chesterfield, Doncaster and Brighton. And if last Sunday taught us anything then that is that we have not come sufficiently far that we can be so complacent as to think that we have banished 'typical City' for ever. It's still there, waiting to pounce. The whole playing staff and management need to be aware this evening, to beat it away if it tries to make a move.

And how better to prepare for a cup tie than without our captain and current form winger? It would be nice to see some variation in the side tonight: Sylvinho and Vincent Kompany will start, Stephen Ireland and Roque Santa Cruz could also play, with Michael Johnson and Vladimir Weiss as outside bets. It should be enough, even if we are slightly slipping of form. Prediction? A flattering 3-0.

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