Friday, 30 October 2009

Mills on KK and Pearce

Former City star Danny Mills has an interesting interview in The Sun today where he reveals what working for Kevin Keegan and Stuart Pearce was like. Neither comes off too well, with Pearce accused of being too controlling and Keegan of being insufficiently so:

"At City, Kevin Keegan had no discipline in his training sessions.

"Players turned up late but there were no punishments. I told him 'You cannot let players keep turning up late' and he said 'I don't like fining players'. I said 'You fine them once, they won't do it again'.

"Stuart Pearce came in and was terrible. He only liked players he could control. He got rid of David James, Ben Thatcher, Claudio Reyna and tried to get rid of Joey Barton.

"From the outside it was 'Psycho - Stuart Pearce - don't mess with him'. But if you stood up and had a go, he didn't know how to respond. When he took his daughter's toy horse into the dugout, the lads thought 'Hang on a minute... '.

"Also, he didn't have a big enough personality to deal with big players - and still doesn't."

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Tim said...

Sounds as though Mills should make a great manager then..........