Thursday, 22 October 2009

Jonnno linked with £6m Spurs bid

In The Sun today:

Boss Harry Redknapp feels Spurs are short in the middle of the park.

And he is ready to test City's resolve to hang on to a player who has fallen down the pecking order after a year out.


Patrick said...

I think many City fans will throw some dummies out of the pram if this were to materialise.

Players like him, Stevie, Nedum, Vlad and dare I say it Micah are our future and are particularly important as they are home grown.

Do Harry I think you and you Sun paper are in dream land.....

I firmly believe Michael will come through big time in the end.

Well done to Hughes for sticking by him and helping him get over his injuries.

JJ said...

I agree - we should not get rid of Johnson - at least until we discover if he will return to the form he was showing before his injury. If he does, then in my opinion he may well be worth a first eleven place never mind a benchwarmer.

On a more sour note, I am pretty fed up with Bojinov's apparent attitude at the moment. Wish I could go into a job for a couple of days then have a couple of years off on full pay, then decide I would like to move on. We should cancel his loan now and let him rot in the reserves until the end of his contract. It is not as if we need the money - or do we?

jfell said...

Johnson was better than Ireland before his injury!

Bit harsh on Boj. If he wants out let him go, he'll be sick as a parrot seeing our name up in lights anyway. Good luck to him.