Friday, 30 October 2009

Adebayor defends himself

Rather standard self-justification from Adebayor, in an interview in Loaded:

"People can say what they want and I will just score goals in a team that wants me to be here, and in front of fans that appreciate me.

"I'm happy at City and people who question my decision to come here can go away.

"To be a part of City's first Premier League title, getting into the Champions League is a great challenge for me. I'm here for the football, not money."

There's no point going into this any more, the 'Adebayor character' debate has been pretty much done to death. I've made up my mind on it and I'm not sure many City fans will agree with me. But if he can re-conjure his August and September form on Sunday I will be delighted; Birmingham City won't be able to touch him.


Patrick said...

There is a marked difference between us (City Fans) and them(Arsenal Fans)

We are not fickle like they are. We have been through many a mills, not just the players named mills either.

We have appreciated those that are good, great or indifferent. We don't expect too much and when we do we let it lie as we know players are only human. I hope we don't end up with a whole fraternity of those type of fans supporting us. Yes we want more fans but we want the right fans that support the players.

Now on to Ade, I agree with your opinion on him. I think Ade knows what we are like and we know now what he is like. We appreciate him for who he is and we want him to do well on and off the field. We want him in our hall of fame and has already made waves for us and I'm sure he will continue to do so.

The feeling between us and the players is unique and I feel ideal as fans and supporters it's our job to get behind the team in any event.

Com on Ade gis a goal!

N Rowland said...

As I've said before, Ade - less talk, more goals.