Tuesday, 20 October 2009

More on Tardelli

The Diego Tardelli rumour has got a boost over the last few days, thanks to Martin Samuel's decision to devote almost the first half of his 2,000 words to City's alleged pursuit of the Atlético Mineiro man on Monday. Samuel used the article to contrast Tardelli with Robinho, making the point that City were a step down for Robinho when he left Real Madrid - hence his attitude problems in blue - while it would be a step up for Tardelli:

Hughes may feel City do not need another striker, even if Robinho leaves in January. If he is interested in Tardelli he will no doubt have seen more than one game, and it may have been a poorer performance than he turned in against Sao Paulo. Yet whether Tardelli is the man is immaterial; he is the sort of man that Manchester City should be targeting, because to come to the club would be better than playing in deserted stadia in an inferior league.

It's an interesting point - it's certainly worth reading the whole thing. Martin Samuel writes very interestingly about City, largely thanks to the fact that he's not in the knee-jerk 'money ruins football' party. I'm still not convinced that Tardelli is a genuine target, because he is so at odds with what Mark Hughes looks for in a player. He has twice come to Europe - loan spells at PSV Eindhoven and Real Betis - and twice failed, and twice returned to his comfort zone in the Brazilian league.

The peerless Pitaco do gringo blog has also written about Tardelli, saying that he could well emulate Luís Fabiano:

Comparisons can be made between the two [Tardelli and Fabiano]. Both picked up a reputation for petulance – especially whilst playing for São Paulo – and both got more than their fair share of yellow and red cards. Tardelli’s spells in Europe have not been that impressive. But neither was Fabiano’s stint at Rennes were he appeared 11 times and failed to score. When he returned to Brazil, Fabiano started banging in the goals (62 in 84 games to be exact). After three seasons, he made the move to Porto and has not looked back since. Tardelli has put away 35 goals so far this year. Admittedly, the majority of those have come in some iffy competitions such as the Campeonato Mineiro and Copa do Brasil. But 15 in the Brasileiro is not a bad haul for a 24-year-old.


TPB said...

We haven't had great luck with Brazilian strikers, and we haven't had great luck with strikers who've been good in minor domestic leagues. Just because we've got loads of money, it doesn't mean we can gamble on a purchase who may or may not settle in Europe. I thought this was what Hughes' transfer policy was all about?

Also, due to the number of striker's we've got, the number of strikers i'd like us to sign I could count on the fingers of one hand - (Rooney, Drogba, Torres, maybe Fabiano).

JPB said...

What about David Villa?

Jarrad Liam said...

Ibra? Best CF in the world.