Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Balague: No Robinho offer

News from the Spanish transfer oracle - FC Barcelona are not ready to make an offer for Robinho this January:
However, contrary to reports, we can reveal that FC Barcelona have made no contact with Manchester City since the summer regarding a move for Robinho.

The Premier league club have no intention of selling their star player and Barcelona do not have sufficient funds to even consider making a large enough bid that might give City reason to reconsider. Furthermore, the Spanish champions are taking the prospect of Mark Hughes` club becoming a major European player seriously - and are eager to treat City with respect - which is why they have not even considered approaching them over a loan move for a player whom they know City have no desire to sell. (Emphasis Balague's)
Balague has very good sources at Barça and so if he says this then it could well be true. This could all change, though, when Robinho gets fit and finds himself on the bench behind Craig Bellamy or even Martin Petrov as well. The current situation is very much subject to change.

My sense is this: Mark Hughes does not necessarily want to lose Robinho, given the quality he can provide and the different option to Bellamy and Petrov. But: he does not see him as a guaranteed starter and is quite comfortable with picking Bellamy ahead of him. So if Robinho does kick up a fuss and demand a move - and if it looks like disrupting the dressing room at a crucial point of the season - Hughes will allow him to move, and won't let it ruin his Christmas.

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Jon said...

Here's something to think about: how about switching Robinho over to the right wing instead of the out of form SWP, or even playing instead of Carlos Tevez who despite his work ethic doesn't look like scoring. I think we should keep Robinho, he oozes talent, its just a matter of getting it out of him.