Tuesday, 13 October 2009

More Bellamy love

Man of the month Craig Bellamy has been receiving some more praise today - from manager Mark Hughes:

“I’ve worked with him before at international level and at Blackburn and he was outstanding for me. But, because of the lack of focus on his efforts there his performances were not flagged up as they should have been.

"Now he has the platform to show what an exceptionally good player he really is, his form at the moment is the best I have seen.

“The knowledge he has now as a more senior player helps him to understand his body on a daily basis. He knows when he should not train and when he needs to back off and as a result we have been able to keep him on the field more in both training and, more importantly, in games.”
Who would have guessed back in January that Bellamy would be the star man now, even after we spent over £90million on forwards over the summer? And that Robinho's possible departure to Barcelona would make no impact on the first team as currently construed?

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