Thursday, 22 October 2009

Bellamy loves assists

Craig Bellamy won the Etihad Airways September Player of the Month; only fair having won the much more prestigious TLDORC Player of the Month. And on receiving his (Etihad Airways) award he had some interesting things to say about his game:

"I much prefer to be setting a goal up for someone in a better position. I've never built my game around goals, it's about my performance and work ethic. I think fans appreciate me giving my all.

"I don't like to come off the pitch able to walk properly - I want to give everything I have, because I know that I'm a limited player. If I do that, it gives me the best chance to play well."

This came after saying that of all the goals that he has been involved in this season, Wright-Phillips' against Arsenal (which he set up) was his favourite, because he won the ball off Gaël Clichy in our half before breaking and putting SWP in. It is fascinating to hear as well. One thing that people ignore about Craig Bellamy is what an exceptional team player he is. People think that his past misdeeds and tantrums mean that he is an inherently selfish footballer, and has little interest in work ethic. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Bellamy is more willing than any player for years to devote himself wholly to the team, to run himself into the ground and risk running his knee ligaments into disrepair for the cause. And he does himself down by calling himself a 'limited player'. He may be less technically gifted than Robinho, but in terms of the complete game there is barely a choice to be made between them on current form. And Robinho's technical gifts are among the best in the league. Mark Hughes knew the qualities that Bellamy would bring to City. Many fans doubted it. We all look rather silly now.

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james said...

Random I know, but I found a site where you decide who the best City player + XI ever to have played in the Prem. Got me thinking would any of the current players make it in to the all time XI. Early days yet but if Bellamy continues this form he could be a cult hero. Have a look, its stupidly addictive...