Thursday, 15 October 2009

Bowen on Tévez and Bellamy

Mark Bowen has been speaking about our two firey forwards, Carlos Tévez and Craig Bellamy.

On Tévez:
"Carlos probably isn't operating at 100 per cent yet.

"He is carying bumps and bruises to his ankle and back, but he's playing well enough despite that. In terms of his sharpness and match fitness he will get better, so the best is yet to come from Carlos in the weeks ahead."
And on Bellamy:
"I'll take my Welsh hat off here and admit I'd hope he was with us all the time, but any decision would have to come from Bellers. There's no pressure from within the club to cut back on his international commitments. He has to make that call by himself.

"Craig knows his body well and the demands that he can make of it. He looks after himself and he is well aware that club football is his bread and butter, and that the rigours of a long season can have an effect."

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