Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Pablo at centre of AFA row

Last week I blogged about how the AFA were keen for Carlos Tévez and Pablo Zabaleta to sit out of the game at Villa Park on Monday night, to ensure their fitness for Argentina's two crunch qualifiers against Peru and Uruguay.

Just when it looked as if the two had come through safely, Zabaleta picked up a hamstring injury in the last minute. He is likely to miss both matches, telling the Ole newspaper:
'It is not a major injury, but I am not likely to be able to play. Sometimes, it is down to luck. I usually don't have these problems, but it is frustrating for me. There is nothing I can do.'


Cityblue said...

Hes never a starter for Argentina anyway. No offence to Zaba but despite the fact hes a great right back the only reason he is in the Argentina squad is because City are no longer under-dogs and Carlos Tevez is in the same team.

He proved he was good enough before we were purchased by our new owner and before Tevez joined us but never got a sniff from Argentina.

Henry Crun said...

Maradona knows his days are numbered, and even if Argentina do scrape qualification to th WC Finals I don't think he will be elading the team out to South Africa.

JPB said...

Cityblue - It's true that he hasn't been a regular before (though he did play a few times under Alfio Basile), but Maradona was certainly planning to start Zabaleta at right back ahead of Javier Zanetti for the new two games. Hence his insistence that he not play at Villa Park, hence his fury that he did and was injured.

Cityblue said...

Maradona is a complete joke, never liked him and never will, he is also worshiped by Man United fans so that makes even more interesting to hate him as it clearly shows Man United fans either have no loyalty to England or are not even English.

Quite a few of them stick two fingers up to England, what makes me laugh is the fact they sang Argentina for Tevez only to slag him off later.

When Maradona was appointed i said to myself, big mistake and mt instinct has been proven right.

Tevez and Zabaleta not in the WC would be a blessing incognito.