Wednesday, 28 October 2009

MJ back

What a thrill to see him back in the side, and doing so well. Mark Hughes said of his performance:
“Michael scored an outstanding goal, and we’re really pleased. For long periods while he was out, it was a worry for everybody whether he could get back to the level of the first team.

“Thankfully, he’s back now. And the likelihood is he’ll be able to keep fit and well because we understand the problem that he had.”
Just as interesting was Emmanuel Adebayor saying this about him this week:
"He's coming back from injury but now I have seen him in training, and I like his style of playing.

"He's very calm, even when it gets difficult he keeps calm, takes the ball and does what he think is the right thing. I've always admired that kind of player."
He's not near starting in the EPL yet, but he's only getting closer.


jackblue said...

Absolutely delighted MJ is on the road back. As MH said on the City website 'It is like signng a multi-million pound player'. If we can get him back to his best we will go from a very good side to a side that in my opinion will be unstoppable for years to come.

Patrick said...

Just had to comment on this. Twice I have seen MJ back on the pitch and twice I have been pleased with what I have seen.

His composure is fantastic and his smooth playing ability outwits and bedazzled defences. I mean how do you tackle someone who doesn't run at you but just goes around you.

I hope he gets his chances and he goes on to prove how good I think he really is.

I don't think we have seen a player from the UK as good as him in years and for me he could be England's next shining light oh and City's as well.

I'm very glad we stuck by him and I am glad we didn't try and get the cash for him when we could have done.

He's a Manchester lad through and through too which for us as City fans is another massive bonus.

I am very very happy today....