Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Petrov's discontent

As ever, international breaks see players return home and speak freely to the media in their domestic countries. So it is little surprise to hear Martin Petrov complaining about his lack of playing time now that he is back with the Bulgarian national side:

"I wanted to save my energy to win some jitball matches during Bulgaria training sessions," Petrov said sarcastically to explain why he did not play against Villa...

"When they give me a chance I give my best," he added. "I think I've shown that I deserve a place in the starting line-up but it's up to him (Hughes).

"It's not a pleasant (situation). I'm a professional and I'm observing my obligations but it doesn't rest well with me."

Petrov has been the major loser in Craig Bellamy's resurgence of form this season. He was keen on a move to Tottenham on deadline day but Hughes knew that this would be damaging in our push for the top four places. But it can't be easy for him: he was excellent against West Ham but could not get a start against Aston Villa. And with Robinho coming back from injury he is only going to play less. I don't see how this ends other than in his leaving MCFC at some point in 2010.


Ben said...

SWP has been out of sort for a few games this year.
Rest SWP, stick Bellamy on the right, play Petrov on the left.
That'll do for starters.

Wigan Blue said...

Think Petrov would actually have done better against Cuellar than Bellamy, who ran up against a brick wall all night except for a couple of crosses. It was only when Bellamy came into the middle that he had any success.

Petrov's tackling back (or lack of it) would have counted against him, but he was back there like a hero against West Ham, so hopefully he's overcome that.

I'm not sure that wing play counts for much with Mark Hughes. The pitch at COMS has been drastically narrowed, Bellamy seems to have been told to get out there and make a nuisance of himself on the left (much as Robinho was), and I can't remember the last time SWP made it to the byline. Strange when you consider that we've now got Adebayor and RSC to give us that 'presence' in the middle that MH claimed we were lacking all last season...

Anonymous said...

I feel we would have gone on and won the game at Villa , had we done what ben mentions above. Brought ineffective SWP off , switched bellers over to the right and given Petrov 30 mins full tilt on the left.