Saturday, 1 May 2010

Villa player ratings

Fülöp Certainly should have done better with the goal, and looked fairly shakey in the first half. Improved after half time, punching a corner away under pressure from Gabriel Agbonlahor. We don't know how Gunnar Nielsen would have done in these circumstances, but I think we benefited too much from our emergency loan man today. 5

Zabaleta A very solid performance. After a few early scares he stuck relentlessly to Downing and won almost every challenge, on the ground and in the air. Has a good understanding of when to attack and when to stay back, even if his final third delivery was poor. Big game against Bale on Wednesday. 7

Touré Lost John Carew for Villa's goal. Otherwise had a decent game, winning a few headers in key positions and marshalling the defence effectively. 6

Kompany Another very impressive performance. Had he been started a league game before November he would be an awfully close contestant for Player of the Season. Totemic with the ball in the air, impeccable with it on the deck, he barely put a foot wrong today against two strikers who present very different challenges. 7

Bridge Lost Downing for Villa's goal, and was then surprisingly willing to let Ashley Young fire in half a dozen perfect crosses across our six yard box. Were it not for some crucial interventions from Fülöp, Kompany and Zabaleta these would have cost us goals. Made a few smart forward runs but these always ended with our losing the ball. Not looking forward to him facing Aaron Lennon on Wednesday. 4

Johnson Today showed the very best of AJ. He was patchy for the first forty minutes, eager to run but very underwhelming in his delivery. But twice in the last five minutes we got him in a one on one with Warnock. The first time he charged outside Warnock, winning the penalty just as he did with Paul Robinson against Bolton a few months ago. The second time he came inside, kept his head and then set up Adebayor. Not a great second half, but you can't ask for more than two touches of magic which create two goals. 7

de Jong There wasn't too much for him to do - Villa attack primarily down the flanks and so there aren't too many players drifting into that space that he calls his own. This allowed him to get forward a few times - I think he took two shots which could well be a record. In the second half he was called into action a bit more and did ok, winning a few big tackles and generally keeping the ball well. 6

Vieira His best game in blue. He looked five years younger, so much sharper to 50/50s, even outmuscling James Milner a few times. What's more, he dictated the tempo in the absence of Barry, moving the ball forward with precision and purpose. He had a direct line to Adebayor's chest and forehead, which put Villa on the back foot. Very impressive all round. 7

Bellamy Ran at Carlos Cuéllar repeatedly, trying to go inside and out, but produced little of note, so solid was the Spaniard. One deflected shot was palmed away by Freidel. He didn't lose his nerve though, and remained an effective outlet and tireless worker. Got a good reward with his perfectly taken goal in the last minute. 7

Tévez Again I think he lacked a touch of the imagination and class of recent months. Played in the hole beyond Emmanuel Adebayor, they never quite looked on the same wavelength although Carlito was effectively in moving the ball between our other three forwards and pressing from the front. Scored his sixth penalty - not too convincing, much like his against Bolton, but we were spoilt by Elano's spot-kick mastery. 7

Adebayor Another impressive home performance. He was more focussed than usual, holding up the ball very well, linking play well, even if he could never quite click with Tévez. Like Carlos his finish might have been close to the 'keeper but you can't argue with another goal. 7


SWP His direct run against overcommitted bodies and tired legs set up Bellamy's goal. A welcome contribution. I'd start him on Wednesday night. 7

Richards Too late to mark n/a

RSC Too late to mark n/a Didn't actually get on the pitch...


Philip said...

I think you are very harsh on Bridge.

Rich said...

Bang on with the Bridge comments.....defensively he's a liability - at fault for the goal and the one in the 2nd half where he left his man to cover Young who was being marked by Bellemy was defensive suicide....wish JT will shack up with his ex again as that seemed to motivate him for a couple of weeks

wooderbeen said...

I think most of the marks are very harsh. Fulop was unlucky with the goal... He spread himself and relied on Toure doing enough to put Carew off. Five? So harsh.

thomas said...

spot on with bridge, turning his back on downing, was a school boy mistake, He still can't cross either.

Rios Dos Santos said...

Brilliant game.
Agree with Bridge let Young put in too many crosses.
Zaba played very well I hope he keeps Bale quiet.

Also what is going on with our crossing these days???
We had like 12 corners in that game and not one created a chance!

Corners and crossing drills before Tottenham game please Roberto!

StanMCFC said...

Jack - who would you drop to include SWP on Wednesday night? Also Barry might be fit for same match. Be great to see an adventurous starting line-up, but not an easy selection for Mancini...