Sunday, 30 May 2010

Striker departures rumoured

Just two rumours of interest in today's papers, both involving the possible departures of diffident dreadlocked strikers of ours. Not that I want to draw too much of a comparison between Jô and Emmanuel Adebayor: 14 league goals for £25m is better value for money than one league goal for £19m.

But if we sign Edin Džeko then Adebayor's future will be perilous, and so the Mail on Sunday's suggestion that AC Milan enquired after him this week is quite plausible. He would probably improve them.

Less plausible is the rumour in the News of the World that Jô might be included as part of a fee for David Silva. Valencia were interested in him when we signed him two years ago but if we want to convince them to give us their best player it's a funny way of going about it. He would not exactly be a like-for-like replacement for David Villa.


trinder said...

Who's Jo?

alan said...

I'm not sure signing Dzeko would make Adebayor's position as perilous as that of Santa Cruz.

Dzeko strikes me as the target man Roque was supposed to be. Ade, despite his height, is a different kind of player.

I think next season will be about the squad more than ever, and having 3 top strikers is very feasible with the possibility of 60+ games. If you're interested, I've just written an article on the possible squad here.

Blue Days

John said...

If anything, Grafite plays as the front man for Wolfsburg and Dzeko has a bit more freedom to roam. He's quick and has a Bergkampesque touch, but despite his height he's no battering ram like Drogba.