Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Spurs preview

I have embarrassingly little to say about tomorrow night. So much is so obvious: that it is worth more than every other game we have played this season combined, that is resembles a cup final, that the future of the manager could well depend upon the result, etc etc etc. The one thing I will say is that victory- and Champions League football - would birth the true potential pregnant in the club ever since the takeover. I don't mean that the takeover has not been transformative - of course it has - but victory tomorrow is the difference between a repeat of last summer, that is, buying a surfeit of merely excellent players, and a whole new phase of transformation: truly world class players at Eastlands next year, the prestige of Champions League football, and the intoxicating scent of trophies in our nostrils.

So can we do it? Well there are omens for the optimists and omens for the pessimists. Spurs are in good form, we are in decent form. We have a good home record, Spurs are poor away at top half sides. Spurs have a great record at Eastlands, and won here last year. We bottle our biggest games, but Spurs have been known to do the same. Whatever you predict there's omens here for you. Take your pick.

I imagine the side will be the same that beat Villa. Gareth Barry has recovered from a knock but I'm not sure he's worth breaking up the Patrick Vieira/Nigel de Jong partnership for. We could play all three and drop a forward, but I'm not sure we will. It's a home game and a must win. Now is not the time for 4-5-1. Particularly against a side who play so well down the flanks.

If we do win people might even prematurely talk of the end of 'typical City.' Not me. The fact is that 'Cityitis' is important to me. And I'm not sure what I'd do were we ever cured of it. For now I intend to keep the flame alive. So in the tradition of this choking, bottling football club we all support I'm going to bottle making a prediction. See you on the other side.


thomas said...

what more can you say?

It's more likely JPB that we stuff spurs then lose to west ham, that would be typical city!

markholtuk said...

You have a poor record against Spurs at your home ground (past and present), but I think given the gravity of the game it will be a very nervous (on both sides) draw. Either way, the team that finishes fourth will have deserved it. BTW, I don't buy in to this crap that City don't deserve it because they bought it. Having said that COYS!

Jeff said...

i'm so nervous, i'm going to pee my pants.

Anonymous said...

please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please dont loose.

Mark Holt my son, your forgetting the huge fact records are broken each and everyday.

You dont buy that crap because Spurs have also as they say bought it so to speak, Spurs have spent far more than City have over the years gone by.

I have faith that we can turn Spurs over and spank them rotten.


Spurs also have a habit of being arrogant, premature and naive.

Johnny Crossan said...

This anguished persona you have adopted Lonely?

Lighten up!!!Spurs are about to run headfirst into the Blue steamroller

trinder said...

Thank your blue stars that pie faced Robbie Keane isn't playing. I don't want to remember how many times I've seen that wanky celebration.

Trevbrierley said...

I can't make a prediction either. But I think we played better at home than Spurs did last week & we were playing a team on a run of form and with one of the best away records in the Premiership. Spurs were playing Bolton & would have ended with a draw had it not been for a wonder goal.

So lets hope we get the wonder goal or goals. We could do with a bit of luck. Maybe Zab will hit the target!