Wednesday, 19 May 2010

£20m Milner bid (rejected)

That's what's being widely reported, by Sky Sports amongst others.

I'm sure Villa will reject this one, but I'm also sure that if Milner wants to come to MCFC we will be able to negotiate a (much higher) price for him with his club.

Your move, James.

UPDATE: This has been 'firmly rejected' by Aston Villa.


Blue Phoenix - Moving on up! said...

Just thought I would chip in here. £25 Million including add ons... I think that sort of blows the £24 Million that was being touted.

He would be an excellent addition and is the right calibre of player we should go for.

I guess this bid went in earlier in the week and it hasn't been rejected yet so is a good bid and is probably only on the tale for so long.

Anonymous said...

Sky news report that Utd have made bid of 28mill for Milner