Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Ela, Robi make Seleção squad

Two MCFC legends - Elano and Robinho - have made Dunga's final squad of 23 for the World Cup.

Sylvinho, Jô, Geovanni and Glauber did not.


Anonymous said...

Brazilians and English football are a big no no.

I pray we sell Robinho and pray the last Brazilian we see at City is Sylvinho.

pjdemers said...

Bit harsh don't you think? Elano put in some wonderful displays in a city shirt. Yes he could be lazy, but much of that IMHO was partly due to Sven's inability to reign him in. Besides aren't we aspiring to play CL, where Brazilians have proven themselves? I guess I'm just not convinced by the argument that Brazilians and the EPL don't mix.

Anonymous said...

English football is not Spanish or Italian football.

English football as it is is much faster and much tougher, in Europe Brazilians get much more time on the ball where as in England its the reverse.

English team adapt when entering European football.

Elano just did what Robinho did, had a flash of greatness then went all floppy like.

pjdemers said...

I certainly see some of your points re: Brazilians and the EPL (particularly concerning the pace and style of play) and while there are few success stories with Brazilians so far I just think its early days to be writing Brazilian players off. I think the problems Brazilians have in adjusting to the EPL is more cultural than tactical and its only a matter of time before they break the conception that Brazilians just aren't cut out for the EPL