Friday, 28 May 2010

Silva linked

Today's serious transfer rumours cover two players: Edin Džeko and David Silva. I've blogged on Džeko, now it's Silva time. Danny Taylor says that he is 'the primary target', while Mark Ogden writes that we are confident of getting our man and will table a 'substantial offer.'

This is a different category of player from Edin Džeko, Jérôme Boateng and so forth: he's a regular target of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United, and so for us to be linked with him implies that we may yet attempt the galáctico chasing our fifth place finish might have precluded. We have been interested in Silva before, Hughes wanted him in the January 2009 window but Valencia asked for £135m when we enquired after his and David Villa's asking prices.

Which demonstrates that any move to City for David Silva would be one more cash-driven than perhaps any transfer yet. Valencia, having already sold David Villa to Barcelona for €40m this summer, do not need to sell. That's not to say that they cannot be persuaded with an ocean liner-sized offer. But I can't see our getting him for this side of €50m. What's more, I can't see David Silva waking up every morning wishing he was a Manchester City player. He's now the key man at Valencia, who will be playing Champions League football next season. He could comfortably step up into either of Spain's top sides. He's already won a European Championship and could well win a World Cup this summer. Manchester City is not an obvious move for him right now.

So I suppose this is one of those transfer rumours that I am not too excited about, because I can't see him playing for City with much enthusiasm. That's not to say, though, that he would be anything but a privilege to watch in a City shirt. He is a footballer of real nuance and craft, a left-footed creative wide player unlike many others in the Premier League. He would provide a refreshingly different option for us. I can't see this one happening, and I'd love to see him play for City I suppose. But this one doesn't quite make sense to me just now.


CelticsBlues said...

Eh let's go for Mesut Ozil. Cheaper, younger, taller, and also a left-footed creative midfielder.

I also have a feeling that it's easier to transfer from Germany to the Prem than from Spain to the Prem. Not sure if there is evidence to back this up, but my theory is based on the the physical play, pace and weather.

thomas said...

#Valencia are still more than willing to accept large offers, as they are financially unsafe. Silva prob will leave, bringing Mata into a more prominent role. But indeed you have a point, he has been a long term target for some of the best teams in the world, a regular in the Spanish side. I would welcome his arrival, as he will want to do well in England and know that there is plenty of competition international wise, if he doesn't perform.

Özil for me would be a brilliant signing. An extremely gifted players , and indeed left footed.