Monday, 17 May 2010

Milner bid reported again

More news on one of our transfer targets in today's papers: both the Mail and the Guardian claim that we are soon to bid £24million for Aston Villa's James Milner - hoping to tie him up before the World Cup, and before Chelsea make a bid.

James Milner would be a perfect solution to our lack of goals and dynamism in midfield. But I can't see it happening. There are players that are willing to take a sideways step to join City, and players that aren't. And I have a strong sense of which bracket Milner belongs to.


Blue Phoenix - Moving on up! said...

I'm sorry but I think you are dramatically under selling your club here.

Last year I wouldn't have said this was a sideways step and this year I wouldn't say it either.

Next year I certainly wouldn't say it and the year after I think nobody will be saying it.

Milner is the perfect addition as he is looking to grow with a team and not turning up at Chelsea wondering if he will get a game.

He will be part of a team at City and will contribute alongside other England like minded players.

This is being reported quite aggressively at the moment and I am wondering what the reasons for that could be?

WookieAVFC said...

What reason could that be? Because every player worth anything in this league and beyond will be linked with you strongly over the summer.

As for sideways move in a way it would be - had it been a lower level team then fine. But you no more proved your 'Big 4' credentials than we did this season, so to say it would be a step up would be a bit biased i think, as Villa have been the more consistent over the last 3 or so years.

The only reason i can see for a move at the present time would be money (unless he were to goto Man Ure or Chelski) and on face value, Milner is no mercenary and the only way he would goto you is if the Club got rid. Now following Randy Lerners comments that "We will not be selling Milner this window" - does that not just seem like loads of lazy reporter babble now?

Only the next few months will tell eh? Good luck for next year guys - heres to more of the same madness of this year!!

Blue Moon said...

If I were Milner, I would hold out for Chelsea -- maybe 20% less wages, but look at the age of the Chelsea midfield:

Lampard -- 32 next month
Essien -- 28
Ballack -- 33 likely to leave
J. Cole -- 28 free transfer this summer

Milner could be the backbone of Chelsea's midfield for the next 6-8years, play CL football, and all for 20% fewer wages than City.

I'd love for us to get him, but I just don't see it. Bet Roman opens up the wallet this summer and replenishes his squad. Tactically, if we are going to continue playing 4-4-2 / 4-4-1-1, where does Milner play? If we play a diamond midfield, doesn't Milner as an attacking midfielder gets in Tevez's way -- since Tevez rountines drops deep to find the ball? Replacing Barry with Milner makes no sense if we are going to use Milner as a ball winning CM. Now, if you tell me we are going back to 4-3-3/ 4-5-1, then I get it - Milner as the AMF behind Tevez, with two of Weiss, AJ, Bellamy, SWP as the wingers.

For me, the question this summer is less about players and more about how does Mancini want to play. If we going to be just a counter-attacking team, then we have most of the pieces already. If we are going to be a build up play / get the ball wide and put crosses in the box, then we need a huge makeover.

Jon said...

Milner not willing to take a sideways step? He's an old fashioned type who sticks by his club he's loyal and doesn't move just for the money, apart from when he moved from Leeds and Newcastle.

Philip said...

It's not a sideways step because, and it will understandably pain Villa fans to hear this, we are likely to be challenging for the title in the next 2 seasons and they aren't.

I would never be so crass as to say we're 'bigger' than Villa, whatever that means. It's just that our rich owner is richer than their rich owner (remember, they're a subsidised club too...). We got luckier than they did in the owner stakes (makes up for the bad luck of 20+ years of Swales perhaps).

There's an argument he should go to Chelsea, and the point about the age of their midfielders is a reasonable one, but there is the cautionary tale that is Scott Parker. That could definitely swing it our way.

messifan69 said...

Iv'e said it here before and I'll say it again, Milner's dirt. He will undoubtedly sign for city, and will be an exact repeat of Gareth Barry; Paying four times the worth of a highly over-rated English player.

Carlo Ancelotti is far too smart to sign him. City aren't though, and pay him 100K+ a week. It's going to happen. And he will be every bit as bad as Barry and Johnson, if not worse.