Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Vieira speaks

Patrick Vieira - bizarrely good on Saturday given his initial form - has spoken honestly of his search for form at MCFC:
"It is very difficult when you change leagues like that," he said. "I did not make it easy for myself because I arrived injured. I needed time to find my rhythm and find my place in the team. But I have been really frustrated because I don't feel l have been doing what I am capable of and I have not given what the people who brought me to the club expected. But it is never too late and Spurs is another big game.

"When you start a season you set yourself a target based on the players you have in the dressing room. And with the players we have in the dressing room, that target has to be and still is the Champions League. We are really close now, we will have to fight for it. It will not be easy but then nothing has been easy in the last few months."

It was a performacne so good it has made me reconsider whether I want him at City next season. He brings so much aside from his performances: experience, leadership, and eyes and ears for Mancini in the dressing-room, that good performances feel more like the icing than the cake itself in terms of justifying his role at City. So I wouldn't be surprised to see him stick around next season.


thomas said...

I wouldn't be surprised if he tried his hand at coaching.

nick said...

"It was a performacne so good it has made me reconsider whether I want him at City next season"
Careful what you wish for...He was arguably man of the match against Villa I concede, but his lack of pace and general mobility make me fear for our chances tomorrow. AND I remember how bad he has been in virtually every other game he has so far been involved in (besides Burnley - but Pollock could've looked good in that performance).
I'll be delighted if he proves me wrong!

Adam said...

To paraphrase Alan Hansen; as good as Viera's passing, anticipation and tackling is, how far can we get away with playing a central midfielder who "can't run"?

trinder said...

He's not good enough for what we want to achieve next season. I think, like Thomas, that he's here for the coaching. After working under Wenger, Jacquet, Lemerre, Capello, Mourinho and Mancini he must know his onions.

Steve said...

Havent we won all the games Viera has started? I cant help feel that there is a bit of band wagon jumping when it comes to knocking Viera. He is a good player that isnt as mobile as he was...he isnt the first that has had to adapt his game due to a lack of engine power. If we when when he plays then whats the problem?!?!?!?