Thursday, 6 May 2010

Spurs player ratings

Fulop Surprisingly good. One brilliant save from Defoe early in the second half, and a cat-like reaction stop from Crouch later on. If I was really picky I'd say he could have caught Younes Kaboul's cross from Crouch's goal but that would be asking an awful lot. Nice save from Roman Pavlyuchenko when it didn't matter any more. 7

Zabaleta Embarrassed by Gareth Bale once or twice, which wasn't too bad considering Bale's form. Still managed to get forward quite a bit, allowing him to put in five or six painfully useless crosses. 5

Touré Very poor first half - losing everything to Crouch in the air, although he improved as the game went on with a few vital interceptions. Missed our two best goalscoring chances - free headers from corners, one which went straight to Gomes, the other well off target. 5

Kompany As poor against Crouch as the captain was - including losing him for the first half header against the post. Impeccable with the ball at his feet, as usual. Maybe lost Crouch for the goal, though that might be quibbling. 6

Bridge Sat very deep in order to counter the threat of Aaron Lennon - a smart move from Mancini. He won a few important tackles early on and generally gave Lennon a harder time than Sylvinho did in December. Still got forward just enough to remind us that he can't cross. Caught out of position for the goal. 6

Johnson A nice and sparky opening, trying to run both sides of Assou-Ekotto, and putting a few crosses in. Lacked consistent threat, hitting a powerful shot from distance on target but otherwise not influencing the game, despite getting the ball in one or two decent positions. 6

de Jong Perhaps our best outfield player. Sitting deep and central, his game was naturally curtailed by Spurs' willingess to attack down the flanks, but when Huddlestone and Modric advanced he was quick in shutting them down. When the Spurs' midfield sat deep he advanced forward and moved the ball wide at pace. 7

Barry Floated in and our of the game, as he is prone to do in big matches. Had brief spells of dominating possession and dictating tempo, and others of anonymity. Scuffed a half chance when he had time to control and turn. Picked up an injury in the second half. 6

Bellamy An early threat against Younes Kaboul but became less effective as the game wore on, as has happened a few times this season. I feel terrible criticising his defensive play because he works so hard but his apologetic tackle on Kaboul led to Spurs' goal. 6

Tévez Admirable in his willingness to take responsibility. Twice early he seized the ball, beat men and was squeezed out when it came to shoot. But King and Dawson grew in stature as the game wore on and Carlitos could no longer worry Spurs with his jinking runs from deep. Tried to dictate play from behind Adebayor, shooting on sight on occassion, but it just wasn't coming off. 6

Adebayor Not as bad as his shameful showing at White Hart Lane in December, but not very far off. As our gameplan descended into more and more predictable direct fare, Adebayor should have tried harder to win those headers we were presenting him with. But his interest waned, as did his competitiveness in the air. No link up play or goal threat to speak of. 4


Vieira: Unlucky not to start, he tried to force the pace when he came on but Spurs were too well organised. 6

SWP Tried to go outside the left back a few times, won us a corner but couldn't change the game. 5


Blue Moon said...

Adebayor... I really, really like him, but I am starting to think that having him in this side is like having a Rolls Royce on a cattle ranch -- a luxury ill-suited for the purpose. We need to shift from counter-attacking as our Plan A to being able to pass through teams...

Jeff said...

How can anyone really, really like Adebayor? Is it the inconsistency? The inability to win more than 1 or 2 balls in the air all game? The stamping? The inconsistency? He was hot shit for like 3 weeks, then he was yesterday's news. All the Gunners fans were right about him. Sell!

Anonymous said...

unlucky lads....maybe another £200 mil will do it for you
tevez and bellamy are the only players who have any real quality for u with johnson knocking on the door with some real potential but overall your just not good enough

Rich said...

6 For Bridge ??? I thought he had yet another stinker... Paid to defend and he can't do that to save his life... Stilll it's a game of opinions and I respect yours

trinder said...

Adebayor is a flat track bully with no interest in knuckling down when the going is tough. He won't challenge for high balls, despite his height and spring; his movement in the box shows no thought or effort; and he doesn't shoot enough. Keep him but make him work and teach him to think. If he acted like a striker, used that fabulous technique and tried like a man should with his opportunity, he'd be frighteningly good.

Rios Dos Santos said...

Fair enough Tottenham played much better than us.
Disappointed but there wasn't much cohesion in our team especially in the 2nd half i think we self destructed a bit!

But now the ball is in our court and WE WILL have revenge..

Champions League next season would've been too much too soon anyway. Spuds can have a go. Let's build step by step. It's more fun that way and more sweeter when we get there in the end...